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Problem Statement: "No means to break the cycle”


We mapped the convergence of increased stress from the financial crisis, and increased availability of smoking products in communities. We used the 'Problem Tree' tool to understand and ‘unpack’ topics from different perspectives and systematise our subjective experiences into collective forms of knowledge.


Smoking was viewed as essential with people experiencing emotional turmoil, stress and anxiety. Participants described smoking as a stress relief tool that provides a break from family and work stress, and during a time when ‘financial stress was through the roof’.


Tobacco and related products were seen as highly accessible. E-cigarettes were reported as marketed in appealing and fashionable ways, which makes them popular. However, there was concern over the unknown long-term damage and addictiveness of these products.

Participants recognised the impact of smoking on their health, income, and family. Smoking was seen to further exacerbate financial hardship and participants expressed a lack of awareness of smoking cessation programmes to help break the cycle.

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