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Empowering Public Health Through Community Intelligence

Our Services

Data-Driven Insights for Public Health

Few interventions specifically target populations living in deprived social circumstances. Our research analysed the costs of smoking in the context of the cost of living crisis in under-served communities in rural North-East Scotland. By gathering and analysing different forms of evidence and data, we have provided insights for public health helping organisations make informed decisions.

Expert Data Science and Visualisation

Tobacco consumption is socailly patterned. Our research focuses on studying the impacts of smoking on the public's health with a focus on under-served communities. We use data to understand the prevalence of smoking, the associated health risks, and the fundamental root causes of smoking and smoking-related illness.

Versatile and User-Friendly Tools

We provide a set of evidence-based tools, techniques and practical skills to: convene community groups to understand local health priorities; understand health issues from different perspectives and generate new data on these; and facilitate and monitor action in clinics, communities and other public services.

Authentic Community Engagement

Community participation is known to be necessary to achieve ‘health for all’ but practitioner knowledge of how to operationalise the concept is limited. We have developed methods and tools to build power community in public health in a rural area in North-East Scotland.

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