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Data and Dialogue

We present evidence on the cost of smoking in the current cost of living crisis in 2023. We work in the rural northeast of Scotland where high levels of deprivation are measured on multiple fronts.


We have progressed a Participatory Action research (PAR) demonstration study to: (i) convene community experts to understand local health priorities; (ii) understand health issues from different perspectives and generate new data on these. We work with community and data experts to build shared capabilities in PAR tools, techniques and practical skills.

Diverse forms of evidence are the foundation for dialogue and exchange between community actors, service providers, researchers and policy advocates. The real value of the process lies in  the development of shared understanding between diverse actors as a catalyst for change.

The research is informed by a wider 'prospective policy analysis' lens, described by Buse as:


"...engaging technical, scientific experts, programme managers, decision-makers and the public to collectively weigh various types of evidence ... in collaborative analysis of policy options"


"Decision-makers will not only benefit from greater proximity to technical experts but also from better evidence ... which can inform tactics to bring about change."

(Buse, 2008)

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